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Formerly known as Taroko Textile Co., Ltd., it was established in 1973 and officially listed in 1982, with the stock code (1432. TP), in 2017, in order to deepen synergies, the group carried out resource integration and changed its name to TRK Corporation (Taroko US Corporation)

The main business projects are commercial real estate development and management, sports and leisure products, and actively participate in the reconstruction plan to improve the living environment of the elderly to enhance the public interest.

We continue to pursue innovative growth, promote digital transformation in 2020, continue to optimize customer experience, maintain stable profitability of our industry, and pay attention to international market development trends, hoping to expand overseas markets with a stable strategy. We also proactively respond to environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance to maximize the rights and interests of employees, customers and shareholders.

  • Core Values:

Continuous pursuit of innovation and growth is in our DNA.

Our corporate culture is the foundation of our steady growth, and our greatest value lies in pursuing possibilities we could never have imagined and realizing them. We continue to focus on the creation of new values with the conviction to face challenges!

  • Values:

【Integrity and Responsibility】

We comply with organizational rules and social ethics, demonstrate integrity and personal values, and take responsibility for our actions, decisions and results.

【Customer Orientation】

We understand the needs of our customers, required actions will be taken to satisfy our customers, and show the sincerity of our service to solve problems for our customers, to gain their trust and reliance, and create brand value.

【Innovation Ability】

Embrace change and learn to change.

We quickly adapt the changes in the environment, grasp the demand, and spontaneously think out of the box. Knowledge innovation, management innovation, business innovation, cultivate the team’s innovative thinking, enhance the brand’s sustainable competitiveness.


Continuous Learning and Mutual Enrichment

We pursue team growth, selfless sharing, and give full play to our own expertise to achieve team value and realize the best benefits.

  • Our Mission:

Committed to provide a joyful, leisure environment and providing diversified and memorable experiences; Convey this passion to the world and create a new sense of happiness in life.

In 2022 years, the Taichung Municipal Government has selected high-quality enterprises that promote a happy workplace according to the five indicators of “harmonious labor-management relations”, “healthy workplace environment”, “friendly labor system”, “inclusive and unhindered workplace” and “sustainable career development”.

With the goal of working well with employees, Taroko promotes various welfare measures and creates a friendly workplace environment, with the positive guidance and promotion of department heads and the positive response of all partners, so that the virtuous circle started by the company can continue!