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In order to implement the integrity management policy and actively prevent dishonest behavior, the company encourages internal and external personnel to report dishonest behavior or improper behavior in accordance with the relevant provisions of the integrity management code, and if internal personnel make false reports or malicious accusations, they should be disciplined, and those with serious circumstances should be dismissed.

The Company establishes and announces internal independent whistleblowing mailboxes and special hotlines on the company’s website and internal website or entrusts other external independent organizations to provide whistleblowing mailboxes and hotlines for internal and external personnel to use. The whistleblower should provide at least the following information:

1. The name and ID card number of the informant may also be reported anonymously, and the address, telephone number and e-mail address of the informant can be contacted.

2. The name of the person being reported or other information sufficient to identify the identity of the person being reported.

3. Specific evidence available for investigation.

Execution scenarios

1. Advocate

2. Inspection: In order to improve the management of anti-corruption, the internal control system, including the accounting system, is also assessed and inspected by each department itself, and reviewed by audit.

3. Appeal Channel: Whistleblowing and Appeal Mailbox ( No reported cases have been received.

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