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In July 2015, the original New Times Shopping Center was officially taken over by Taroko Group, which gathered sports and entertainment, parent-child families, life proposals and gourmet shopping to create the most differentiated sports and leisure experience shopping center.

Adjacent to Taichung Railway Station and Transfer Station, with convenient transportation and crowds, Taichung is the only shopping mall that has moved sports fields and playgrounds into shopping malls, becoming the most popular new landmark for families and young generations in Taichung Station business district!

The mall offers a unique and diversified range of wandering experience products, as well as exclusive gourmet restaurants in Hsinchu area, focusing on shopping malls where the whole family can share happy hours.

Since its opening in May 2018, Taroko Square (Hsinchu) has continuously launched exclusive experiential products exclusive to the Hsinchu area, including “Fukuyu Japanese Stone Bath”, which has become the new favorite of the media and the winner of the popular list of well-known travel platforms since its opening in May 2021, and “TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Shokuya”, the first in Hsinchu in April 2022 and praised by the media as the world’s most beautiful bookstore, becoming a new gathering place for the young generation in Hsinchu’s business district!

The only baseball practice range in Taiwan that has legally obtained the license.

Starting from the dream of realizing Taiwan’s national ball, providing a comfortable and safe environment, a token makes baseball no longer out of reach! The province’s stores combine the visual arrangement of the image authorization of the local team of Chinese Professional Baseball and upgraded hardware equipment to continue to promote the national football and develop more diversified experience services.

The largest bowling alley brand in Taiwan.

Equipped with top-notch fairway facilities, scoring system and excellent lighting and music atmosphere, it provides a professional and comfortable leisure and entertainment experience

A world-class go-kart racing track.

With international standard tracks, high-stability go-karts, and safe equipment, it provides an unparalleled driving experience for riders and future drivers with racing dreams. In 2021, electric go-karts will be introduced and a night experience period will be opened to provide drivers with silent driving pleasure.

In order to promote indoor children’s playgrounds, we introduced the most popular brand “Yukids Island/Game Love Park” from Japan, and launched the “Yukids Art” children’s creative handicraft classroom in 2022, serving more than 300,000 groups of families every year, providing the most educational, entertaining and parent-child experience space.

Starting from the concept of innovative entertainment, it has created a new sports and leisure experience product “Roller186 Roller Rink”, and since the launch of Taiwan’s first “indoor four-wheel roller park” in Taichung in January 2020, it has conquered the IG and FB check-in rankings, becoming an indicator of hot topics on the Internet and a check-in attraction on the Internet.

“Roller186” combines classic pulley sports with eye-catching visual design and music, combined with interactive technology and highly sociable characteristics of roller sports, to create the most popular social leisure and entertainment place for the young generation.

The only “large-scale Japanese-style rock plate bodybuilding room” in Taiwan.

The “rock bath”, which is popular in Japan and Korea, is an emerging beauty experience that has sprung up in response to the trend of health and wellness.

The whole site of “Formosa Stone Spa ” is commissioned by Japanese rock bath space planners, and the standards from the equipment to the construction follow the high-quality specifications of the Japanese system, only to render consumers the most original Japanese leisure culture and beauty and health experience.

Actively participate in the urban renewal and reconstruction plan for the elderly implemented by the government, target Taipei and New Taipei City as a key area for development, form alliances with peers with diversified management, and introduce humanistic, leisure and healthy architectural concepts to develop niche innovative leisure real estate products.

The most American-style resort in Taiwan, the whole district was rebuilt into the dormitory of the US military officers stationed in Taiwan in the 1960s, retaining and replicating the original style of single-family villas, and BBQ in the green garden, allowing residents to relax their busy mood and experience a leisurely holiday.

In 2019, an exotic park with American-style garden architecture and glass houses was launched, providing wedding banquet services and Western-style wedding ceremonies, becoming a dream venue for couples to hold weddings and banquets.

The park includes 7 villa-type accommodations, Kelly American Restaurant, 1956 Vintage Wedding House, Attic 80 Studio, and Club 63 Ballroom.

The largest baseball sports goods chain in Taiwan.

In addition to setting up sales stores in the Baseball Stadium in Taiwan, it has also entered department stores and e-commerce channel platforms to break through regional restrictions and provide more than 1,000 products of well-known brands at home and abroad for baseball lovers in various regions.