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Taroko entered the first-tier cities in mainland China for the first time Shanghai Vanke Seven Treasures Hall was officially opened on 11/18


In cooperation with Vanke Real Estate, the largest real estate developer in mainland China, the ‘Shanghai Qibao Pavilion’ was put into trial operation on 10/30 and will officially open on 11/18. Use big data to increase the average price and utilization rate of consumption, and upgrade from ‘comprehensive sports and leisure’ to ‘fashionable entertainment and leisure’ experience.

For the first time, it entered the first-tier city – Shanghai and cooperated with the largest real estate developer in mainland China
Taroko Fiber Co., Ltd. (1432. TT), TT), a mainland business unit, has formed an alliance with Vanke Group, the largest real estate developer in mainland China, and entered the Minhang District of Shanghai, a first-tier city in the mainland, which is the second largest administrative district in Shanghai, 18KM away from the center of Shanghai, with a population of 2.5 million and a GDP of more than 800 billion NTD.
“Taroko Family Entertainment Center – Shanghai Vanke Qibao Pavilion” is the 7th base of Da Luge in the mainland, located on the 4th floor of Qibao Vanke Plaza Shopping Center, more than 170,000 consumers came to Shanghai Vanke Plaza on the day of trial operation on 10/30, and will officially open on 11/18.

In the face of the consumption power of first-tier cities, use consumer big data to improve business efficiency
Shanghai Qibao Vanke Museum opened on 10/30, with the popular bowling as the main facility in a space of 1,100 pings, with a variety of sports and entertainment projects with commercial value and a self-created brand of creative Taiwanese restaurant – “Le Kee Restaurant”, the bowling alley and restaurant appeared in the queue on the first day of trial operation, fully reflecting the demand and consumption power of the Shanghai market for high-quality sports and leisure experience projects.
Taking the popular bowling box as an example, KTV and catering packages were put into and adjusted the size of the box, which increased the average unit price and overall utilization rate of the box.

From ‘integrated sports and leisure’ to ‘fashionable entertainment leisure’, providing a better leisure experience
Since entering the mainland in 2014, Taroko has cooperated with real estate developers such as AEON Group (8267.JP), Wharf (0004.HK), Longfor Real Estate (00960.HK), Vanke Group (2202.HK), etc., opening 7 bases, distributed in Suzhou (2), Chengdu (2), Shandong (1), Chongqing (1), Shanghai (1), and the sixth store, Chongqing Dapingguan, opened in July this year, and the operating performance has been widely concerned by developers. The seventh store, Shanghai Qibao Vanke Museum, has attracted more attention.
Starting from ‘comprehensive sports and leisure’, Taroko starts from Chongqing Daping Pavilion to increase the music project supporting of Live singing and private KTV, so that Taroko can upgrade from ‘comprehensive sports and leisure’ to a new consumption experience of ‘fashionable entertainment and leisure’.

『Remarks Information』

Vanke Group:2202. HK
Vanke Group was founded in 1984 in Shenzhen, China, and was established and listed in 2012 by Vanke Real Estate (Hong Kong). In 2014, its global sales exceeded RMB 200 billion, and after more than 30 years of development, Vanke has transformed itself from a real estate developer into an “urban supporting service provider”. From the traditional real estate business to different fields such as medical care, education, home improvement, culture and so on, in addition to providing more diversified services for real estate owners, it also enriches urban functions and literacy, and has promoted more than 4.23 million square meters of real estate projects in 40 cities in China, and is expected to open 25 Vanke Plazas nationwide; Since the signing of the strategic agreement between the two parties in 2014, Qibao Vanke Plaza is the first project of both parties, and Daluge will continue to cooperate with Vanke in the future.

Minhang District, the second largest administrative region in Shanghai
Minhang District is located in the southwest of Shanghai, with an area of 372 square kilometers and a population of more than 2.5 million, many Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean and other foreign businessmen live here, the GDP of the district exceeds NT$800 billion, and the consumption potential is huge. Shanghai Qibao Vanke Plaza is located at the intersection of Lanthanum Line 9 and Line 17 (under planning), surrounded by commercial offices, residential areas, student groups, plus the tourist flow of Qibao Old Street, consumers are facing many areas with great potential for business development

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