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The new version of the Taroko APP is online | Instructions for the use of Shareholders’ Reward Spending Credits.


Taroko Group continues to innovate in the sports and leisure industry, stepping into a number of sports and leisure venues and department stores, and using the Taroko APP to connect the infinite possibilities of sports life. In 2023, Taroko invites whole people to “start again” and bring positive energy to society with sports.

Dare to move, create a new type experiences

“Taroko” believes that exercising is not only an important way for strengthening the body, but also a method to release the stress. Therefore, based on sports and entertainment, we will create a venue with more diversified experience culture, entertainment enjoyment, shopping and consumption.

In the three major areas of brand, industry and life, we will enable the market and consumers to benefit and grow together, and become a pioneer in providing consumer space, sports and leisure, and social entertainment.

Along the way, we have accompanied Taiwan’s sports industry through peaks and valleys, with the conviction of integrating sports into the lives of Taiwanese people. For Taroko, sports should not only give people the thrill of bloodshed, but also realize their self-worth and find their passion for life.

Therefore, we have devoted our efforts to developing diversified programs, building multi-functional venues, and providing a variety of services to lead the development of a new sports industry in Taiwan through the practice of seeking new ideas with all our heart. Let’s make exercise a way of life, and socialize, starting with Taroko.

It’s really fun. Let’s play together.

In 2023, Taroko launches a TV commercial that takes its brands away from the epidemic and the boredom of life, and join Taroko for a playful experience. With the concept of “Taroko Play for Real”, it brings out the richness of Taroko’s sports and entertainment experience as well as the spirit of the brand.

Taroko + new version of APP is officially launched!!