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Articles of Association
Engaged in Derivatives Trading Processing Procedures
Procedures for Funds Lendings to Others
Endorsement Assurance Handler
Procedures for Obtaining or Disposing of Assets
Director Selection Process
Boards Performance Evaluation Methods
Rules of Procedure of the Shareholders’ Meeting
Articles of Association of the Remuneration Committee
Articles of Association of the Audit Committee
Board of Directors Regulations
Rules on the Scope of Duties of Independent Directors
Code of Conduct for Integrity
Code of Practice for Sustainable Development (formerly Code of Practice for Corporate Social Responsibility)
Code of Practice on Corporate Governance
Code of Ethical Conduct
Internal Major Information Processing Operating Procedures
Measures to Prevention Insider Trading
Guidelines for Integrity Management Operations and Conduct

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General Counsel / Hsu Yung-Chang

Acting Spokesperson
Equity Manager / Kelly Lo

Phone: 04-36118888#6661

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