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RT-Mart + Taroko Join hands to create a new experience of "i-Sports" community life Taroko Xianya Plaza broke ground today Opening in Q2 2017


Taroko, a subsidiary of listed company Taroko (1432), developed and expanded its stronghold rapidly. The flagship project Taroko Kusanagi Daofu opened on May 9, and the largest comprehensive renovation of Taroko in Taichung New Era was carried out simultaneously, and the third branch “Taroko Xianya Plaza” held a groundbreaking ceremony this afternoon (June 22). Senior executives of Taroko and RT-Mart attended the event, as well as Hsinchu Mayor Lin Zhijian, the head of the bureau and representatives of public opinion. Cai Mingzhang, Chairman of Taroko Development, said, “After the opening of Huangya Plaza, all three experiential shopping center series developed by Da Luge will be in place”. Taroko Square (Hsinchu) will start from the insight of consumer needs, and combine the characteristics of Da Luge sports + theme entertainment with the application of science and technology, in order to bring a completely different life style new experience to the people in the life circle of Hsinchu.
The base of “Taroko Square (Hsinchu)” is located next to RT-Mart Yuya Store in the North District of Hsinchu City, and the current address is the outdoor flat parking lot of RT-Mart Yuya Store; The southwest side is adjacent to Wuling Road, and the northeast and southeast sides are adjacent to the planned road. For the first time that the two parties worked together, RT-Mart participated in the communication and discussion at the planning stage, and RT-Mart tailor-made the construction of four floors above ground and one underground floor to meet the needs of operational characteristics. The floor area of the total building is about 11,000 pyeong, and the floor area of commercial buildings is about 6,800 pyeong, with retail accounting for 43%, entertainment 32%, and catering 25%. It is expected to open in the second quarter of 2017 with a 17-year lease.
Chairman Cai Mingzhang pointed out that the “RT-Mart Store” next to the base is the second largest number of visitors to RT-Mart’s single store in Taiwan, and the customer source is stable; The surrounding residential areas are full of cultural and educational atmosphere, and residents attach importance to the quality of life. The southwest side is the Hsinchu Branch of National Taiwan University Hospital under development, which has great potential for future development; Expressway No. 68 can connect the Zhubei living circle, so young office workers and small families of Bamboo are also an important target group for the future “Taroko Square (Hsinchu)”. Taroko will add elements of “LOHAS, parent-child, entertainment, and food” with the theme of “sports” to meet the main customers.
Due to the successive achievements made by Taroko Caoya Road after its opening in early May, many retail and catering brands have achieved the “highest turnover in brand history”, and they have deep confidence in the business capabilities developed by Taroko. “Taroko Square (Hsinchu)” has not yet appeared, the brand lineup is lively first, and it also represents that Taroko Development has entered the shopping center industry as a rookie, and after the chain system has gradually taken shape, the synergistic effect of investment promotion has been remarkable.

About Taroko Development
From 2015 to 2017, Taroko Development (1432), a subsidiary of Taroko (1432), actively expanded its operations at the rate of one base per year. Considering the uniqueness of different areas in Taiwan, Taroko Development specially plans three series of experiential shopping centers, including Taroko Park, which has a commercial area of about 30,000 pyeong, and the representative work is Kaohsiung Caoya Road, which opened on May 9; The Taroko Mall, which has an area of about 20,000 pyeong, is represented by the new era of Tarotaka, which is already in business and will be renovated by the end of this year; There is a township-type (Taroko Square) shopping mall with an area of about 10,000 tsubo. “Taroko Plaza” is the first in a series of shopping malls in the town (Taroko Square).